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IT services costing toolkit

About this toolkit

Subject areas
Costing, ICT, measurement
Technology Platform
Conditions of use
Freely available from website
Date of original release
December 2010
Date of last known update
December 2010
Current status
Not supported


Summary of stated purpose


The aim of the IT Services Costing toolkit is to provide a structured approach to costing services.


This costing toolkit can be used to build up the annual costs of an IT service. It can be used by IT managers without extensive costing expertise, across an entire department to look at multiple services, or by an individual service manager. It requires access to information from across the department and the institution.


Output types




Supporting evidence


As part of the JISC flexible Services Delivery Programme, Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) worked with JM Consulting to develop a toolkit for costing IT services, using its own as a case study.


It is based on a TRAC approach to costing, looking at full overheads and indirect costs. It recognises that IT services are heavily inter-dependent on each other and that staff and service are not easily pigeonholed, with boundaries of responsibilities, support and provision often becoming blurred. Any toolkit developed must be realistic and pragmatic, focusing only on aspects that would present meaningful results.


URL http://www.jisc.ac.uk/.../adopting_toolkit_costingv3.pdf


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