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StorC file storage calculator

About this toolkit

Subject areas
Storage, measurement, environment
Technology Platform
Conditions of use
Freely available from website
Date of original release
August 2011 (beta version)
Date of last known update
October 2011
Current status
In development


Summary of stated purpose


The StorC project aims to provide an easy, interactive online tool which will model the environmental and financial savings of different scenarios of tiered file storage.


This project will create a web-based modelling tool to allow IT managers, engineers and decision makers to calculate the energy and financial savings they could derive from introducing tiered storage technology.


Output types



Carbon and energy savings, and cost savings per year.


Supporting evidence


Cardiff University has launched the StorC (Storage Calculator) project as a follow-on to its internationally-leading project Planet Filestore, also part-funded by JISC. Planet Filestore investigated solutions for greener, more sustainable and more cost effective data storage using dynamic storage tiering. This involves identifying those files which are used less frequently, and automatically moving them onto lower-cost, greener storage.


URL http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/.../storc.html


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