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Thick-thin client carbon and cost tool

About this toolkit

Subject areas
Green ICT, environment
Technology Platform
Excel 2003
Conditions of use
Free to download from legacy website
Date of original release
Date of last known update
Current status
Not supported


Summary of stated purpose


The aim of the Cost and Carbon Comparison Tool for thick v thin client architectures is to help FE and HE institutions estimate the costs and carbon emissions of thick (PCs) versus thin clients over a given evaluation period.


Output types


Quantitative and qualitative

The tool automatically calculates the following for both thick and thin clients:


  • Capital costs over the evaluation period
  • Operational costs over the evaluation period
  • Intangible costs (e.g. productivity losses) over the evaluation period
  • Carbon emissions from energy in use over the evaluation period
  • Space utilisation over the evaluation period


It calculates the savings (positive values) or costs (negative values) of thin clients compared to thick clients over the evaluation period.


Based on the input assumptions, the results are displayed in a worksheet within the tool.


Supporting evidence


Produced by the SusteIT project and funded by JISC. It is co-managed by the Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement (HEEPI) project and SustainIT, an NGO (see www.heepi.org.uk and www.sustainit.org). This is now a legacy site for the 2008-9 strategic review of green IT in UK further and higher education which was commissioned by JISC, and conducted by HEEPI.


URL http://www.susteit.org.uk/files/category.php?catID=5